Ingredients on My Path

Human Traits


I was born back in the ancient time of the 70's and given the name Adrian Saylor. I've been creating ever since. It is an absolute in my existence to open myself up and let the one all speak through me. 

Blocks I've Been Around


I started drawing early. Spaceships and  creatures were my jam. Fantastic, futuristic and anything weird I loved drawing. Light and the Darkness combined in whatever I did. Around junior high years I started drawing a symbol once in a while that I never thought deeply about until a few years back I relearned what sacred geometry was. After an awakening Buisiness Man's Lunch, I've been able to speak the Geometer's Language.

Projection Vision


I do it. It is as important as a great hug. It feeds me the organic. If it can provide joy, raise your energy, inspire you to create, help you level up, then I've done my job of getting the message to you. 

Door's Always Open

Contact me for any question. 

Nuclear Sailboat

Mission Viejo, California, United States



Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm Saturday: By appointment Sunday: Closed

Through the Aether

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